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Just an update!

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Wow so much has happened since the beginning of this year.

I’ve enrolled into a great sommelier school in NYC.

Apprenticing under a famous affineur so that I can learn more about fine art of cheese making.

Started planning some restaurant ideas, but i use the word restaurant very lightly.

Also looking into starting my own non profit…

so many ideas,


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April 11, 2012 at 4:36 pm

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Does living alone make you go Crazy?

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So I was reading an article  about living alone.  It’s made me realize that other people have the same weird single living habits like I do.  Before I get into my odd behaviors, let me explain that i grew up living with my parents but mainly had my own privacy 90% of the time.   After college when I started to work I started living alone and then realized that when the doors are closed I turn into a different person.  You really have the freedom to do as you want, no need to be considerate for anyone else’s likes or dislikes.

Lets get into it…

  • I don’t close the door when I’m in the bathroom.  But I always close the door to the bedroom when i’m in it.
  • 75% chance of being nude (fact, snuggies do not stay on your body if you don’t have a shirt on).
  • I eat whenever i’m hungry, I go to the fridge about once or twice every hour.  I can survive on coldcuts … all day long
  • I sleep whenever, wherever, or not at all. (I have black out shades so I can be in total darkness anytime in the day)
  • I use every utensil, plates, and cups before I clean them.
  • I don’t really clean anything up until I realize a huge mess.
  • Sometimes the first thing I do when I step in the door is strip down and just leave my pile of clothes on the ground.
  • I have clean laundry in piles scattered around.
  • I have money laying around in random places that I’ve forgotten about. (not purposely)
  • I hardly ever cook and if you know me well you know I love cooking.
  • I pass bodily gasses without any second thoughts.

That’s about all of the things i’m willing to admit publicly but i’m sure I have more odd habits that i’ve just gotten so use to that I don’t even notice.  I’ve lived with a girlfriend once and lets just say it requires a lot of compromising.  No more being naked all of the time, no more drinking out of any container in the fridge, no more clicking away on the computer until 6am.   I guess change depends on how much you like the other person.  (boy was that a horrible mistake)

Before I end this, I do want you to know that as much as this makes me sound like a slob, usually every week i’ll freak out at the mess I’ve made and i’ll clean everything up and place everything back where it belongs.  Being able to live alone has also made it possible for me to enjoy hanging out alone in public, I don’t mind going out for dinner alone or just relaxing at a cafe alone.   Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my friends but sometimes it’s just self empowering to be self sufficient.

What do you do when you’re alone?

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February 28, 2012 at 2:21 am


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It’s been almost a year since my last confession.

Because i have a horrible memory and i wanted to do a little 2011 recap, I’ve looked at my Facebook Timeline.  It’s made it a tad easier for me to stalk myself. Tho twitter is where i do most of my dirty work. (shh)


  • Cooked a feast on new years and wanted to try Chaser plus to see if it works.  15 drinks later i was still ok
  • Looks like I was in LA again with pit stops in SD and SB


  • Shot an print ad for some college campuses and i hope i never see myself on a high rise dorm or car.  (but i hear that i am)
  • Decided to go on a Raw Vegan diet, didnt last the full week but it felt good to be cleansed but then all it took to get back to my normal life was one night of drinks.
  • Did a some traveling to relax
  • Shot a major board game ad but never saw the prints…


  • Did I go to Barcelona again??? And looks like i snuck in a lot of meat and other paraphernalia.
  • went to japan
  • joined Soho House but then quickly realized it was filled with no ones.
  • got my first rootcanal
  • cooked a lot more complicated ingredients like beef cheeks and pigs head
  • became a regular on a funny adult swim show


  • Shot another commercial for the Jersey Tourism board, ironic no?
  • went to Bahamas for a bit
  • did a little European delivery trip
  • worked a lot
  • shattered my iphone again
  • i became an uncle =)


  • worked some more
  • looks like i just got really drunk


  • looks like i got even more drunk and discovered that i really liked beer pong
  • Cold brew coffee just in time for summer
  • attempted to learn how to play the guitar
  • realized that im too old to play beerpong


  • realized that ive lost many of my nice ties when i go out for a night out.
  • started working as a regular on a big cbs show
  • became a bigger coffee snob
  • relaxed in Miami again


  • went to Argentina for a print ad for a major electronic company .
  • earthquake in NYC!
  • hurricane irene
  • filmed a industrial video for employees of a major financial firm that they will be loosing all health benefits
  • had a drink called the boiler bach, and never will i do that again
  • discovered nude beaches in NY


  • Went back to LA and SB
  • worked on a kids television show
  • worked some more


  • Did a Mastercard commercial
  • Went to LA AGAIN?
  • Bunch of great castings, booked a few more
  • got a big part on a SHO show
  • worked a lot on the shows that im a regular on


  • Traveled a lot domestically and internationally
  • donated my birthday by staying home and raised a lot for the NY FoodBanks
  • worked hard once again


  • tired from the airplanes and the past few months work so planned an easy month
  • planned my January and my new years resolution

From my brief sum up of the year (im sure ive left out many important events)  I’ve thought up of a few (realistic) goals for myself to reach in 2012

  1. Drink less – the amount of cash I’ve spent on alcohol this year is ridiculous, If i average 100 a night lets just say 2-3 times a week, times 42. add on a few more for “special” nights.
  2. Read more – I love the kindle and my magazines, i just need to really get the ball rolling on this to get into the groove. Book club!
  3. Settle down – It’s not that i don’t meet anyone that i want to be with, Its more like I use the excuse that I’m never in one place long enough to make something really happen.  No more excuses, I’ve already missed out on many open windows of opportunity… i think… right?
  4. Start thinking about my future career – I love what I’m doing now and financially it’s great but i feel like its really stopping me from what i ultimately want, and its hard for me to say this, but its a “normal” life.
  5. Really get in shape and cook healthier food. – I have no reason not to do this, if i out of shape and dint know how to cook it would be hard.  But I’m in decent shape and know my way around the kitchen.  So it cant be that hard right?  My Goal, stay my current weight but loose 5% body fat.

to sum it up… blah blah blah..( #firstworldproblems )

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January 3, 2012 at 6:09 am

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Croquetas de Serrano jamon y manchego

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2 tbs butter
2 tbs olive oil
1/4 onion finely diced
7 tbs of flour
1 1/2 cups of milk
6 tbs of chopped up jamon / or any other meat or maybe even mushrooms

so.. melt butter and oilve oil
once melted add onion.. cook medium high heat till its translucent
mix in flour (it will get all pasty and nasty) cook this for about a min… lower the heat a little
then pour in milk slowly so that it can incorporate into the flour mixture
bring back up the heat a little bit until milk flour mixture (bechamel) comes all smooth and creamy (no flour lumps)
add in ham, stir it up for about a min

take off heat and place in a airtight container until cool (overnight is even better)

next day take it out, portion it up until you have about 16 equal ovals., get 3 dishes, one for flour, one for about 2 beaten eggs, one for breadcrumbs
coat a ball of batter in flour lightly, and shake excess off
dip in eggwash, shake excess off
dip in breadcrumbs,… shake it
fry in olive oil,,, (or if u dont have.. any oil is fine) make sure the oil is high enough to fully cover the croquettes. also make sure the temperature is about 325. Should only take 1 min each side. 2 min total.

tip.. only fry 4 at once so the temperature doesn’t drop to much. and always adjust the heat to compensate for heat loss or gain. let them cool down and shove them in yo mouth!

other ideas… instead of jamon you can use some tasty earthy mushrooms, add in some tomato paste into the bechamel, add in some manchego cheese. ideas are endless

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March 10, 2011 at 2:43 pm

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Barcelona via iPhone / instagram

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Just a quick update with some instagram’s that I’ve taken on my last trip to Barcelona.  Better pictures from my dslr and stories when I get some time.


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March 9, 2011 at 1:38 pm

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Bacon Egg & Cheese

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Haha, I would call it carbonara but i fudged the recipe and wouldn’t want to offend any one from Jersey Shore. haha

Crisped up some thick cut rind on bacon, boiled up some spaghetti.  Drained pasta and moved off heat, tossed in the bacon, a handful of Parmesan, two egg yolks and a splash of milk.  BAM Sunday night dinner made in about 15 minutes.  I love food cooked with very few ingredients and fuss.  Quality ingredients showcase the food for what it is, instead of trying to cover it up with a billion other unneeded ingredients.

While making this i started thinking about doing sketches of the food that I make.  I drew up a few for fun and realized i need to work on template and formatting.  But once I get that done it will be fun!  I much rather look at a sketch then follow a recipe.

Happy Presidents Day!

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February 20, 2011 at 7:04 pm

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EASY Roasted chicken salad

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After my Raw Vegan Cleanse I wanted to start off slow back into carnivore-land.

I thought a chicken salad would be good.  I missed cheese in my diet so i deiced to make a Caesar salad with some roasted chicken.

Got some ciabatta for croutons, skin on chicken thighs, fresh rosemary and prosciutto.   Threw it all together, placed the chicken on top of the bread while baking so that the juices would get sucked into the bread.  toasted them up in a super hot oven and done.  simple delicious easy.  Browned some taters and onions in beef fat (left over from the beef cheek confit).

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February 20, 2011 at 6:43 pm

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