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Day 3?: Masquerade & New + Old friends

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Just a quick update tonight.

Finally woke up well rested today, got my face-paint put on by the famous ferocious feng.

went to a masquerade party and then to a lounge just to get something to eat.

Fingers crossed for 2 additions to Barcelona trip next month!

lesson of the day: CA people rock, more the reason for me to just move already.


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October 31, 2009 at 4:34 am

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Day 2: insomnia

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Instead of going to bed last night I’ve solved the hunger.  KIMCHIBOWLS!

Actually, instead of sleeping i stayed up and Photoshopped some head shots and messed around with installing Windows 7.  That’s when i realized that i haven’t slept in almost two straight days.  I’ve been running on coffee, cookies, and beef jerky.   It’s not as though I was busy per say, it was more so i couldn’t sleep.

I might have insomnia.  The other night I had a night terror.  Some might call it sleep paralysis.  I was plagued with them when i was younger.  This past summer it was at its peak, every night i would wake up in panic and feel as though i was being held down.  kicking and screaming my hardest nothing i did was enough to get my mobility back.   The other night i gave in, almost inviting who or whatever it was to go for it.  “Do what you want!”, I mouthed.   And then it happened, all this time i was trying to fight it.  I stopped moving breathed calmly and thought to myself I found peace, my mind felt as though it was purged of life’s stresses.  A moment later i woke up, smiled and said thank you.

Sometimes life throws you an unexpected curve ball.  All you have to do is adapt and swing.

Everyone ready for halloween?

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October 29, 2009 at 9:15 pm

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Day 1: Condoms & Kimchi

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So I’m still awake,  wrapped from “How to make it in America” around 12pm.  So basically I’ve been up for too long.

Did some errands and then found out that I got a package from amazon.  I wondered hard and long when I ordered something.  Couldn’t remember if  my life counted on it.  I open the box and what did i find? Kimchi Bowl noodles and two 36 pack boxes of condoms.

A little confused, thinking maybe someones trying to hint at something.  I look at the invoice and see that it was paid for by myself.  Apparently last time i ordered Kimchi bowls and condoms,  I put them on auto-shipment.

So now I’m fully stocked as if i was a college student.  A friend suggested i host a dinner party and serve bowl noodles and hand out condoms as parting gifts.  Another idea was to give them out on Halloween.

Kid: Mom the gum in this gold wrapper doesn’t taste that good but i can sure blow a big bubble with it.

Mom: Where did you get that? I think that was moms candy.


So after that i met up with team Barcelona to plan our little getaway from the states.  After 3 hours we’ve accomplished nothing but meeting up at the airport.  This trip is going to be great.  Beer + Tapas –  repeat.

Tapas ideas beside inopia?

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October 29, 2009 at 2:14 am

The end that started the begining

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Blank sheet of paper eagerly waiting to be written on.

Lets get to business.

I’ll be writing about a few things on here.  Sometimes personal, sometimes work related, but mostly random thoughts.   This is here to capture my triumphant moments, the devastating disasters and also the random glitches that pop in and out of my mind.

With the help of my phone and my QIK, I hope the random pictures and live videos will keep you guys as entertained as my actual writing.

My education? Film Production

My passion? I smile for the camera, sit, and wait.

My hobbies? I eat, I laugh, I chat, I drink, I mind-read, oh and I Fly

I’d love to continue but a 5am call time means my car is waiting for me and I must go.

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October 28, 2009 at 4:17 am

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