Making it in NYC

Just do it already.

Day 1: Condoms & Kimchi

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So I’m still awake,  wrapped from “How to make it in America” around 12pm.  So basically I’ve been up for too long.

Did some errands and then found out that I got a package from amazon.  I wondered hard and long when I ordered something.  Couldn’t remember if  my life counted on it.  I open the box and what did i find? Kimchi Bowl noodles and two 36 pack boxes of condoms.

A little confused, thinking maybe someones trying to hint at something.  I look at the invoice and see that it was paid for by myself.  Apparently last time i ordered Kimchi bowls and condoms,  I put them on auto-shipment.

So now I’m fully stocked as if i was a college student.  A friend suggested i host a dinner party and serve bowl noodles and hand out condoms as parting gifts.  Another idea was to give them out on Halloween.

Kid: Mom the gum in this gold wrapper doesn’t taste that good but i can sure blow a big bubble with it.

Mom: Where did you get that? I think that was moms candy.


So after that i met up with team Barcelona to plan our little getaway from the states.  After 3 hours we’ve accomplished nothing but meeting up at the airport.  This trip is going to be great.  Beer + Tapas –  repeat.

Tapas ideas beside inopia?


Written by mikechan007

October 29, 2009 at 2:14 am

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