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Day 2: insomnia

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Instead of going to bed last night I’ve solved the hunger.  KIMCHIBOWLS!

Actually, instead of sleeping i stayed up and Photoshopped some head shots and messed around with installing Windows 7.  That’s when i realized that i haven’t slept in almost two straight days.  I’ve been running on coffee, cookies, and beef jerky.   It’s not as though I was busy per say, it was more so i couldn’t sleep.

I might have insomnia.  The other night I had a night terror.  Some might call it sleep paralysis.  I was plagued with them when i was younger.  This past summer it was at its peak, every night i would wake up in panic and feel as though i was being held down.  kicking and screaming my hardest nothing i did was enough to get my mobility back.   The other night i gave in, almost inviting who or whatever it was to go for it.  “Do what you want!”, I mouthed.   And then it happened, all this time i was trying to fight it.  I stopped moving breathed calmly and thought to myself I found peace, my mind felt as though it was purged of life’s stresses.  A moment later i woke up, smiled and said thank you.

Sometimes life throws you an unexpected curve ball.  All you have to do is adapt and swing.

Everyone ready for halloween?


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October 29, 2009 at 9:15 pm

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