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Day 8: safe sleep aids + fridays

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So I shouldn’t even have to say this but im still awake.  Going to the doctors next week to get some sleeping pills.  I’m either never tired, or times like this im so tired but cant fall alsleep and end up watching tv or online.

But on to other news, today’s shoot was awesome, finished quick and also got some soondooboo afterward in k town!  Then meet up with the full and final team Barcelona.  We all act like a dysfunctional family that loves each other!  I will be trying to update while i am there.

But on to Fridays!  Luckily my shoot got pushed so I’m off tomorrow. I’m going to spend most of it sleeping and maybe some eating.  Sucky part is now there’s a big chance i have to be on set Saturday.

Cant compile thoughts until i’ve had a good night sleep.


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November 6, 2009 at 5:05 am

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