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Day 13 : Friday the 13th

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Loving it, just came back from a relaxing day, did a quick 15 min audition for an eclipse gum ad.  Got some dinner and saw “Precious”.  I have to admit that i was expecting a movie with some violence, some drama, and the fairy tale ending.  but i was so wrong. i dont want to ruin the movie for anyone so i just want to let everyone know that you should ALL watch it.

Bumped into director John Chu (step up movies) as i was leaving the party.  Hes hooking me up to an audtion in december.  Hopefully its a speaking role, and i hope he left that lame ass party.

Once i started this “vacation” i now have the luxury of making plans since im not on call anymore.  I do have alot of free time, beside the gym I’ve went back to one of my first jobs as a producer / broadcast engineer.  Working on some promos and now im also in need of an aftereffects  artist and some actors.  I have to admit that tho teh economy is down… television and film are booming.  Finding a fulltime job might be hard, but why fulltime when freelance pays almost double!

on that note, ive decied that i will pick a topic everyday in addition to my random blabering.


Hope you all had a good week & here’s to a great weekend!



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November 14, 2009 at 4:51 am

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