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2009, it’s been great but GTFO

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Dear 2009,

Goodbye, It’s been great but get the fuck out.  It’s funny how quick my priorities can change.  I’m happy that I’ve become a very adaptable and quick learner.  I’ve learned to let go of many things this year and I’ve also learned to take in whats around me.

It’s been a year of goodbyes.  I’ve broken up with my girlfriend.  I’ve lost a family member and friend.  I’ve left my first Job.   I’ve not only moved out of my parents.  I’ve stopped driving on a regular basis.  But more importantly I’ve learned to let go and that life will move on even if you’re not ready.

I’ve become someone who I always dreamed of.  I found love within myself and my friends.  I’ve accomplished much more in my year of acting than many would in years.  I’ve sold my first property turning a profit.   I’ve become a better person proving that if you do good things, good things will be returned.

But its time for you to GTFO now, I’m done with the unnecessary drama 2009.  Thank you for making me who i am today but im looking forward to a year minus the troubles and hardships.

To 2010,

I can feel the love already with friends, work, and travel!  I’m not a fan of making resolutions because most of them would be forgotten or easily given up on.

But I do want to make a long-term list of personal goals.
1.  Get into shape – this year I was faced with a very serious personal health issue that luckily has turned out ok.  But now that thought still lingers in the back of my mind.  Part of getting into shape is eating better and living a better life style.   My gym membership is just a decoy, i need to really start treating myself better.

2.  Positive thinking – something very general but I’ve always believed in it.  If you think positively good things will come.  I’ve spent to much of 2009 thinking negatively.  Negatively is contagious, if you surround yourself by it, you will be too.  People always say I’m lucky but i think of it as I’m positive and optimistic.  And with all of the friends and family that has passed away this year, young and old, let the lesson be learned that life is to short to not be happy.

3.  To be Alone – Emo no, but to grow up a little.  Face it, we all have room to grow up, we all make mistakes and say things we don’t mean.  But part of growing up is making those mistakes and learning from them.  One of my fears in life is to be alone, 2010 will be the year I overcome that fear.   I’m not afraid to die, I’m not afraid to take the leap into the unknown.  But i am afraid to be alone.  This I havent figured out how to accomplish yet but I will.

Let the past be a lesson learned and the future become reality.   I raise my glass with you all and wish you all good luck, love, health, prosperity and most importantly

Cheers!  Auld Lang Syne


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December 31, 2009 at 8:15 pm

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Merry Christmas =)

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Merry Christmas everyone!

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December 25, 2009 at 5:02 am

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Day 22: back to ny, back to work, back to life

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well the trips are over but I found out that I’ll be in CA almost the whole month of January. a short film, a vacation, then a commercial.

it’s funny how things always seem to work itself out no?

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December 17, 2009 at 8:00 pm

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Day 20: iPhone pictures & packing my bags

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Ready! My bags are waiting for my in Hong Kong.  My carry on has my noise canceling headphones, iPhone, charger and adapters, a handful of cliff bars and fruit leather, and a vial of Ambien.

Emptying out some pictures that i have never posted.  Food, Traveling, Random funny looking people.  Welcome to my life.

Once I get back I have so much to do… work, wedding, secret santas, holiday shopping, and planning my next vacation.

Until then, hope you all have an awesome week.

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December 9, 2009 at 3:43 pm

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Day 19: Tired & Jet Setting

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Just when i thought my sleeping habits are back on track, it gets a jolt and back into chaos.

The past week i’ve worked about 80 hours.  At first everything was going well, with 3 or 4 hour days, that quickly changed to around the clock shoots.  But i guess its part of the job description.

I thought this week would be a little better but due to some personal reasons i have to catch a last minute flight and get out of NY,  Off the Airport on Thursday morning for a 16 hour flight.   I have to pack my bags and go once again.

As much as my career means to me.  Family is first.  I feel horrible for packing up and leaving so quickly, canceling on gigs, ditching my friends bachelor party, even leaving my mother alone in NY as my dad and I both leave.

Time to do some errands…

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December 7, 2009 at 1:10 pm

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Day 18: Grocery shopping is a passion of mine

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Spent my day doing some light grocery shopping.

bottle of garnacha and bottle of cava: memories of spain, now i need to buy a porron decanter.

dried chilli spiced pineapple and dried bananas: some new snacks try out for trader joes

smoked mozzarella and smoked gouda: two things always on my list when i stop by wholefoods

naked green machine: something i always keep handy in my fridge, filling and tasty!,,,

salmon onigiri’s: who needs dollar menus and other fast food chain junk, when you can have nori rice and salmon!

whats on your grocery list?

Off to bed, my 2 day work week suddenly changed to 4 day.

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December 2, 2009 at 11:50 pm

Day 17: Back to reality, truth is i love it.

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I’ve missed blogging and felt as tho I needed to stop pushing it off because there’s always tomorrow but today is gone before you know it.

Back from my vacation, Barcelona was beautiful and i have so many beautiful pictures to prove it because simply saying it was good wouldn’t do it any justice.  One day ill do a play by play of the trip and post up all the pictures.  but not tonight.  From good food, new friendships, and someone puking all over the beautiful Gothic streets.   Also being in BCN has fixed my “jetlag” i use to sleep at 6am each night, but now around 12am im beat and ready to sprawl out and passout.

Once I returned i had a perfect thanksgiving with my family and new family members.  From a 20lb to a 13lb and as many sides your mind can imagine i’ve finally finished it all.  I made a bunch of mini turkey pot pies, beats eating cold turkey breast every night.

Started to work on Monday again and i was reminded how much i love my job.  I wouldn’t even call it a job, its basically chatting with friends, making new ones, and getting paid and feed while doing so.  Today was an easy day for me, 3-4 hours of standing on canal street and wrapped!

On other news, i’m moving… location is a secret but while in the process of moving i’ve dug deep into the garage and found boxes of boxes.  You all know what i mean, (i think you do right?).  What do you do with old sentimental items?  I thumbed through some pictures, read some old notes, wondered how my life would be if i made different decisions.  What do I do with all of these years of memories?  Truth is i’m never going to look back at them, yet I feel horrible for throwing them out.  Reason being I wouldn’t want anyone else to see/read it.  So for now I placed all the little boxes into one bigger box simply labeled “the past”.

Here is a little sneak peak of Day 1!

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December 1, 2009 at 8:54 pm

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