Making it in NYC

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Day 17: Back to reality, truth is i love it.

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I’ve missed blogging and felt as tho I needed to stop pushing it off because there’s always tomorrow but today is gone before you know it.

Back from my vacation, Barcelona was beautiful and i have so many beautiful pictures to prove it because simply saying it was good wouldn’t do it any justice.  One day ill do a play by play of the trip and post up all the pictures.  but not tonight.  From good food, new friendships, and someone puking all over the beautiful Gothic streets.   Also being in BCN has fixed my “jetlag” i use to sleep at 6am each night, but now around 12am im beat and ready to sprawl out and passout.

Once I returned i had a perfect thanksgiving with my family and new family members.  From a 20lb to a 13lb and as many sides your mind can imagine i’ve finally finished it all.  I made a bunch of mini turkey pot pies, beats eating cold turkey breast every night.

Started to work on Monday again and i was reminded how much i love my job.  I wouldn’t even call it a job, its basically chatting with friends, making new ones, and getting paid and feed while doing so.  Today was an easy day for me, 3-4 hours of standing on canal street and wrapped!

On other news, i’m moving… location is a secret but while in the process of moving i’ve dug deep into the garage and found boxes of boxes.  You all know what i mean, (i think you do right?).  What do you do with old sentimental items?  I thumbed through some pictures, read some old notes, wondered how my life would be if i made different decisions.  What do I do with all of these years of memories?  Truth is i’m never going to look back at them, yet I feel horrible for throwing them out.  Reason being I wouldn’t want anyone else to see/read it.  So for now I placed all the little boxes into one bigger box simply labeled “the past”.

Here is a little sneak peak of Day 1!


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December 1, 2009 at 8:54 pm

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