Making it in NYC

Just do it already.

Day 19: Tired & Jet Setting

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Just when i thought my sleeping habits are back on track, it gets a jolt and back into chaos.

The past week i’ve worked about 80 hours.  At first everything was going well, with 3 or 4 hour days, that quickly changed to around the clock shoots.  But i guess its part of the job description.

I thought this week would be a little better but due to some personal reasons i have to catch a last minute flight and get out of NY,  Off the Airport on Thursday morning for a 16 hour flight.   I have to pack my bags and go once again.

As much as my career means to me.  Family is first.  I feel horrible for packing up and leaving so quickly, canceling on gigs, ditching my friends bachelor party, even leaving my mother alone in NY as my dad and I both leave.

Time to do some errands…


Written by mikechan007

December 7, 2009 at 1:10 pm

Posted in ME, travel

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