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Di Fara’s + Baked NYC

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Di Fara’s

What can I say, I love Di’ Fara’s.  I remember the first time i went there, it was a summer night.  I show up around 7pm thinking that i would be home in time to watch Simpsons.  Boy was I wrong, 2 1/2 hours after placing my order I got a taste of heaven.

You arrive, everyone is chatting about pizza.  You hear some whispers about timeout ny, chowhound,,, this place has so much word of mouth advertisement that would survive even if it was shut down by the DOH.  Oh wait, it was closed, several times.  Guess what? it doesn’t stop the fans of Di Fara’s.  Going to Di Fara’s is like a pilgrimage to Mecca.  Once you step in that door it all begins.  You have your photographers in the front.  Regulars chatting with Dom and whoever’s working that day, usually his son or daughter.  New comers confused about how to order since there is no line just a mob of people.  People sitting in the limited space shoving their face with pizza.  People guarding tables with their life waiting for pizza to be ready.  And you have the people who are complaining about the wait.

I read a quote while waiting myself … it was something like this ” In the city of new york, no one likes waiting but at Di Fara’s you will find real new yorkers that are willing to wait hours for a pie”.   Watching him spreading the dough, pouring the sauce, hand cutting cheese just before the pie goes in to the hot oven.  He slides puts on some EVOO just before putting it in.  When the pie is done he puts his bare hands in the oven and takes out the pizza.  thats right, its cooked to “perfection” rustic some might say, sometimes oddly shaped, sometimes a little burnt on the corners.  But out of the open and on to a pan, he hand cuts some basil and grates some fresh Parmesan on top.  smiles and says , this one is for you.  The crowd around you all watching closely some even congratulating you on getting your pizza.

You bring your pie to your table of eager mouths.  Like baby birds with mouth wide open waiting for momma bird to return.   i sprinkle some oregano on it, consume it with all my five senses.  Then silence. all is at peace.  Hearing the slice crunch when  folded, feeling the bottom of the slice noticing how thin it is, looking at that slice and all of its oily goodness glisten, smelling all of the imported fresh ingredients, and finally tasting the symphony of flavors all bursting at a crescendo.

sorry i got a little to carried away, then everyone starts talking, sipping on a Manhattan special and where to go next.   now this is only how i feel, there are a lot of skeptics, and people who wouldn’t wait again for a slice of di fara’s.  But thats your opinion.  Mines is, this man is the last of a dying art.  Once he is gone there will no longer be Di Fara’s.  And like a Picasso he will be a legend for many lifetimes ahead.

oh.. and then i went to baked in redhook, it was ok… hahaha try the spicy hot chocolate (its from jacques torres).  Wait, just go to jacques torres next time instead =)


Written by mikechan007

January 11, 2010 at 12:19 am

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