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Cupcake Adventure – Part 1

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After a long day of work, I’ve meet up with my friend to travel around the city for a late night cupcake fix. Thank god I live in NY.

Armed with a sweet tooth, a bunch of prime lenses, and a sugar high, this is what the outcome was.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine
Had a pistachio and a Vanilla Dark Chocolate
the pistachio was very frosting was light and very nutty, the cake was fluffy and also filled with nutty goodness. perfect if you love pistachio. The vanilla dark chocolate was frosted with a old fashion butter cream, cake was a super dark and chocolatelly. almost like fudge but with a cakey consistency

Butter lane
At this point thinking about the long night of cupcakes ahead, we only got one cupcake haha
Chocolate Tangerine on a vanilla cake. I liked this! the cake was very very moist and fresh, the frosting, was ok, chocolate with some tangerine oils, sprinkled with tangerine infused sugar

was just… ok, I’ve been a chi-ca follower since her first place, and now i feel shes just expanding to much and quality has went down in her other spaces. Had a pumpkin and a black and white. They were both ok, nothing terrible, just nothing remember-able.

The list of cupcake places in nyc goes on and on, just off the top of my head… babycakes, magnolias, crumbs, etc etc etc…. more next time. and as always a sprinkle of random pictures


Written by mikechan007

January 28, 2010 at 8:33 pm

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  1. when i go to nyc, can we get cupcakes?


    January 29, 2010 at 8:14 pm

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