Making it in NYC

Just do it already.

Seems to be a recurring problem here…

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I give up on sleeping, the only way I can fix my sleeping pattern is to go away on vacation. Who’s down?

In other news, I want to head back to LA next week for some sun and to get away from NY while its in the dead of winter now. But I might book a Target commercial, I was put on hold for the 9th so lets hope and pray that it goes well, if not there’s also some Target stuff going on in LA!, that will be my backup I guess. Gotta keep hustling.

Tax season is coming up and I’m getting a little nervous, thankfully I just shot a big ad that will be my security blanket to my handful of 1099’s. But I do need to find an CPA that specializes in actors and entertainers. My first fiscal year of doing this full time is officially over! But watch out I’ve just begun and not letting anything push me away from reaching “stardom”.

Back to the routine, working on Ugly Betty tomorrow, then a week full of auditions. I think its time for another photo outing. Any ideas?


Written by mikechan007

February 2, 2010 at 2:08 am

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