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NY Foodie Tour Day + Busy Week + iPhone Pictures

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Had a great day today meeting with managers and a few more agency’s and more auditions and casting calls.  Busy day running around back and forth.

Got a call from Macnamara, will be working on 30 rock for the first time.  Should be a fun day and expecting to see a lot of familiar faces! Beside the 7am call time in a hard to reach place in Brooklyn, I’m excited!  Just hope I don’t get home to late so I can rest up for Thursday shoot.

Moving on to more interesting news!  FOOD

Di Faras in brooklyn Isaid it once and ill say it again BEST pizza in the world.  I’ve reviewed this place many times and if i talked about it again i’d want to go right now but its 12:30am and its closed.  So read my old reviews! haha

The Cheese pictures you see are from Murrys Cheese Shop in NYC.  Bunch of good selections of cheese and meats,  Busy place with a lot of traffic but always ask for samples and buy it only if you really like it!  Also try out Bedford Cheese in Brooklyn.  The place is much smaller and prices are a little cheaper but the atmosphere is much more friendly.

Cupcakes from Magnolia’s – I use to love this place, but like many other cupcake places that get bite with the fame bug, the quality goes down… way down.  The cupcake was dry hard and stale.   Prebaked but freshly frosted to fool everyone.  Maybe I just got unlucky, but two bad cupcakes at a time? Sorry Magnolia’s you’ve lost my vote.  Check out Butterlane in NYC for my favorite cupcake (check out my past post for a review) .  Only thing good i can say about Magnolia’s is the Banana pudding,,, A+++.

Latte from Milkbar inside Chelsea Market (Not to be confused with the later momofuku’s milkbar)  Great place to grab a glass of milk,,,  Fresh, bunch of variety,  and you can order food too, or bring in your cupcakes!

Pop Burger in the Meat Packing district.  Well I must say i went to the original pop burger a few years ago because of a open bar happy hour that a bunch of coworkers and I snuck into.   All I thought was, ehh… what a gimmicky, plastic, teenybopper joint that sells little burgers.  After all i was there for the drinks.  But then while showing out of town guest around in NY, we passed by Pop Burgers new place down in the meat packing district.   It looked awesome, I was excited to taste one of the pop burgers because I’ve heard a lot about them.  I was again disappointed.   I ordered my burger, and ding, it was ready to be picked up.  I ask the nice women at the counter if she was sure that it was my order.  She confirmed and i confirmed that they were precooked burgers.   Sorry, not a fan and I would never come back.  The fries are good if you like that starch battered type of burgerking fries… I dont. Double Fail

Las Ramblas in the West Village.   Great Tapas bar,  after coming back from Barcelona a few months ago.  I thought it would be great to try out some tapas, the pulpos (octopus) and the mussels in a tomato white wine sauce.  Great! Can’t really explain how it was delicious,  The octopus was tender and cooked perfectly.   (almost better then in Spain)

Momofuku Milkbar – David Chang is a genius when it comes to Pig,  but his crazy mind also comes up with crazy softserve flavors.  His original Cereal Milk  is a classic, but this time i tried the Cream cheese frosting & red velvet! Oh man i was it rich… both flavors were extremely creamy and sweet.  If i wasn’t so full from a full day of stuffing my face i would have finished it

Mikey’s Burger in the LES – Despite bad reviews on yelp and other blogs, i decided to try it out for myself and boy was i glad i did.  It was great! I had the mikey, my friends had the cheese burger.  The Mikey was topped with corned beef and onions.  (Ask for tomato and lettuce if u want it)  They have homemade ketchup and a spicy mayo (saracha + kewpie).  That stuff was addictive.  With an order of cheese fries, this meal was perfect “snack” since they weren’t huge burgers.  But sometimes thats a good thing.

Ciao Bella – How can you go wrong with one of the best gelato places in NYC.  I went with the Maple Ginger Snap Gelato.  This stuff was killer, The light caramel taste with the little bite of the ginger snap.  All swirled into some of the best creamy gelato you can find.

City Bakery – The best Chocolate chip cookie in NYC (best in brooklyn i would say is Jacque Torres)  Thin, slightly salted, chocolate chunks all over.  Perfect cookie that still manages to be soft and chewy but crispy on the outside.  I would also tell you to get a hot chocolate with a homemade marshmallow, but i must warn you.  This isnt for the weak hearted, (its for sweet hearts .. lol lame)  It’s not your typical fake watery hot chocolate, this is a real hot chocolate.  The thick and creamy type that isnt overly sweet.  But when paired with a cookie, it was too much for me to handle.

Until next time! Peaceeeeee


Written by mikechan007

March 10, 2010 at 12:20 am

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