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I have to admit, I’m not one to follow current events in much detail. I do read the paper every other day so I know whats going on and if there is a few restaurant opening in NYC.

But rarely do I ever get bothered over such a thing where I would want to write about it. (also note, im not an expert, i may be wrong about the things im about to say, but hey, feel free to tell me where i got the story wrong)

Topic of today’s debate… Arizona and the new Immigration law.

What The FUCK… my initial reaction was thinking back to a scene in Schindler’s list and the yellow stars that the Jewish people were forced to wear.

30 percent of AZ population is of Latino. So the police would now have the right to target every 3/10 people for “reasonable suspicion” since now they are all “criminal suspects”. Tell me how the US Constitution can allow this.

Americans are defined by our immigration and citizenship laws. Didn’t we fight a civil war? Aren’t we all created equal and citizenship means national citizenship? States are NOT allowed to make there own immigration laws if they feel federal laws aren’t harsh enough.

“reasonable suspicion” = Racial Profiling

This all brings me full circle back to my previous post of MIA Burn Free.
To say that the video was brilliant is a little much, bunch of soldiers rounding up all of the “gingers” and making them run in mine fields. explicit to say the least.

But i’ll let you make your own decisions. I mean hey,,, That’s our right as an American right?


Written by mikechan007

April 29, 2010 at 1:51 am

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