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Life & Picture Update

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So I’ve always loved my iPhone, but now the new one shoots even better pictures.

Check out what this guy did with his 3gs, not even a iPhone 4! (but he also had $5000 worth of lighting)

Since my last update, I’ve worked on a few awesome commercials and now that Spain won the World Cup I really need to plan my next visit. I was thinking sometime in November for a few weeks and then head over to Italy afterwards.

So I tend to loose interest in hobbies and people easily. Every time I meet someone new or take on a new hobby, once I master it I tend to get bored. Some might say I like the chase, some might say I’m an idiot. haha well for now, after a year and a half of acting and modeling. I’ve proven to myself that i didn’t need a side job and can pay my bills doing just this.

The other day I watched a documentary about a photographer that travels to remote locations in the world that stay untouched by government and media. This made me think about how I could be using my time and skill to help educate and learn more about the world. I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to go away for awhile to gain some bearings on what I really want to do. Maybe go away to a 3rd world country and teach English? Maybe sign up with a non profit that will send me out somewhere to do.. something.

So, in conclusion if anyone else wants to just quit there jobs, and take a year or so off to just do some volunteerism, travel, learning, growing. let me know. I’m ready to leave asap.

And i leave you with some random pictures that ive snapped in the past few weeks.


Written by mikechan007

July 11, 2010 at 11:02 pm

Posted in commercial, iphone, Photo, travel

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