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Wow it got really cold and wet today in the city.  I woke up nice and early and headed to my shoot.  After that I did a little grocery and spice shopping and went back home.  Nothing exciting in the world of Mike Chan today but I told someone I would update 😉

Can anyone guess where this is? Came in to sign some vouchers and make some money 😉

Stopped by Kalustyan’s and wow was I amazed by all of the different spices and other ethic goodies they sell here.  I’ll have to come back one day when i have a bit of time to browse the whole shop.  But this time I just picked up some herbes de provence for some roasted potatoes / chicken that I plan on making soon.

Dinner was Soon doo bu! First attempt of making it and it was good! It looks spicier then it was or then I wanted it but next time I’ll do it right with a clay pot and egg.  And some Kimbap and banchan on the side. I’m glad we have h-marts here in the city.

Dessert is a few mini pieces of Bakalva.  After having Sam’s Baklava I’m on a mission to find the BEST in NY.  Sorry Sam, But Kalustyan’s also sells some, I doubt they make it here but it was much better!, more layers of honey sweet phyllo, crispy top half, and chewy sweet bottom.

So for some odd reason I wanted to make a NANNERPUSS!  If you don’t know what it is please youtube it ASAP! hahaha maybe someday this week i’ll make some pancakes.

Can’t wait for spring!


Written by mikechan007

October 5, 2010 at 2:36 am

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