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KOBE Lasagna cuz i’m baller

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haha ok i’m not baller. but a little kobe goes a long way.

I deiced to make a Lasagna the other night but wanted to do it my way.   So after doing some research online I’ve decided to make a Kobe Lasagna.   I really wanted to check out this Japanese meat shop in soho.. but ill leave that review for another time.  Keep in mind i never really measured anything for this recipe haha

So hopped in the car and raced over as if i was on a secret mission. To acquire 1lb of ground kobe.  After I got that i felt like i wanted some thing more, so i got some good ground veal also.

I got home and started the process, one box of Lasagna (not that no boil crap) I boiled it in salted water for about 4-5 min and strained .   A few minutes before Al Dente  since it would probably sit for awhile before using.

I mixed about 3/4 of the 32oz container of ricotta, mixed in 3 whole eggs, about half a bunch of Italian parsley chopped, 1/2 cup of grated Parmigiano Reggiano, and then I put another 1/2 cup of grated Parmigiano-Reggiano on a sheet pan and tossed it under the broiler to make a huge cheese chip!  waited till it was cool and crunched it up and then also mixed it into the ricotta mix.

I started browning all of the meat in a hot hot pan.  Allow the meat to actually brown and resist the urge to mix it all around.  After a few minutes i wanted to lift all of the yummy burnt bits off the cast iron skillet so poured in about a cup of a Pinot noir but any dry red (that you would drink) will do.   I threw in one medium sized diced onion mixed it all up and then seasoned this meat mixture with about a table spoon of herbs de provence, teaspoon of red pepper flakes, and salt and pepper to taste.

When that was all cooked, i opened up a big can of San Marzano tomatoes and crushed it up and pour it into the meat mixture.  and also dumped in a small can of tomato paste to give it some more flavor.

Then you’re basically done, there’s no right or wrong way to layer it up.  I put a little of each on each layer adding a small sheet of freshly sliced smoked mozzarella.

Toss it in an oven middle rack covered at 350 for about 30 min. then uncover for 15 min.   The final step is the hardest… DON’T TRY TO CUT INTO IT UNTIL ATLEAST 15 MINUTES.  Or it will fall apart… the picture that i took.. was taken about 5 min afterwards.. aka it fell apart hahaha but whatever it still tasted great!.

Then i started making croissants… holy shit… what a time and labor intensive process. but more on that tomorrow.

I should really start using my dslr again… eh iPhone rules.



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October 11, 2010 at 11:54 pm

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  1. Looks pretty amazing. And lol @ your croissant tweet earlier. The only croissants I’ve ever made were the ones in the tubes, effin delicious. I should try making some from scratch. That’ll be AFTER I make the Black Forest cupcakes… Speaking of which, I doubt there’s a recipe for them as cupcakes… this could be fun. ^o^

    Oh, and you totally should start using your dslr again. Quality picsssss. ^o^


    October 12, 2010 at 12:56 am

  2. How much did the Kobe cost? LOL
    mmm…. if only they had an oven in my lil apt in Korea -.-


    October 12, 2010 at 3:59 am

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