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… only because you’re pretty

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So I was at a casting the other day when I bump into an acquaintance and we do the typical bullshit small talk.

How’ve you been?
What have you booked?
Who are your agents?
Who’s your manager?
bullshit bullshit bullshit… oh I’m UP, see you next time.

Well this time I was stuck on a line so while having this conversation this girl goes, Oh you have it so easy but “only because you’re pretty”.

Light a deer in the headlights I cracked a half smile and said thanks. She continues speaking but all I could think of was, WTF I’m offended. I don’t think being “Pretty” has anything to do with being a successful actor or model. I mean if the room wasn’t filled with similar looking people then the casting directors did a bad job right?
Pretty is defined by the casting director for the certain project that they are working on. But when people wonder how I can survive without a side job and still have time and funds to enjoy my life I tell them, I invest my time.

If it requires me to book a trip to LA to just meet with an agent then I would. If it requires me to sit around all day and wait for 5 min of time to speak to someone big then i will do it. I’ve gotten home from set at 2am when the following day’s call time was 4:30am. I’ve worked gigs that paid minimum wage and i’ve worked a single day’s that were equivalent to a year of minimum wage. I go to 15-20 castings a month and get turned down for the majority. I’ve booked trips around the world and had to cancel the day of just to go to castings because when you are you’re own boss you have to make that decision.

Own your look and don’t give up. If you do give up let me know where to send a thank you card because I’ll more the gladly take you’re spot on that next McDonald’s commercial.

over and out


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December 12, 2010 at 11:24 pm

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you ever have to poop so bad but you were working on something where you just couldnt leave until you were done?


brb gotta poop

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December 12, 2010 at 10:44 pm

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