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NYE 2011- Cooking + Drinking + Chaser Plus

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Back from Boston and i knew I had to recreate some of the amazing food I had the night before from Toro.

Here are some NYE Highlights and with the help of a pill called chaser plus, i feel great the next day! haha

Radish salad with blood oranges,  in a blood orange vinaigrette with blueberry honey

Braised Oxtails with tomatoes and root veggies and some good syrah.  dusted with some fine powdered tomatoes

Baby eels flash fried in hot oil from Spain! yumm

Roasted bone marrow on white truffle oil toast with white truffle salt

Sesame soy porkchops with oven roasted shallots, garlic and potatoes

Thanks Rob for the bottle of 90′ Dom Perignon

I’ve invented the Double Flip Cup Challenge.  (atleast i think i did) Standard flip cup rules apply but you have to use both hands to flip both cups over at the SAME time.  Surprisingly its not as hard as it sounds and a fun game! haha

Some tasty Truffle and mushroom omlet with porkchops and onions braised in red wine

Down for the count, Goodnight and i hope everyone has an awesome 2011!


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January 2, 2011 at 11:37 pm

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