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Vodka infusions

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I don’t know about you but I always have access to a full liquor shelf.

But the other night I was wondering what I was gonna do with the bunch of vodka bottles that I had just sitting around since I’ve sworn off Vodka after having way to much one night haha.

I’ve decided that I wanted to infuse it, but with what? I thought about herbs and spices, fruits and even lizards (ok I don’t have any dead dried animals around but I swear by dad has a few bottles with lizards in them).

I finally decided to use some of my favorite flavors. Ginger & Honey at first I was thinking the Ginger might be a little over powering because I grated about 2 tbs that made my 1lt bottle of vodka turn an instant yellow. So I added in a bit of honey to cut some of the spice. Then I thought what the hell, I want that strong Ginger taste so I diced up some more Ginger and tossed it in. I wanted to put a bit more honey but the bottle was already full.

I’ll have to taste a bit and if it still has that back of the throat burn I’ll add a little more honey to it.


Written by mikechan007

January 24, 2011 at 2:23 am

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