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Confit wagyu beef cheeks

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I was at the neighborhood Wagyu only beef market and decided to get some beef cheeks. I know how delicious these can be when prepared well but when I told my friends they all had a face of disgust and asked why I would do such a thing. To make it even worst I told them I would confit them. After a look of confusion I said I’m gonna slow cook them in fat. Again, “Why?”

To which I say why not?

I scurried the Internet for some inspiration on seasonings an methods. I ended up adapting and tweaking a recipe that I’ll post up once I’m around a computer. (updating via iPhone now) after seasoning an dry aging the cheeks for 3 days I sunk them into a bath of olive oil and Wagyu fat for about 6 hours. That must have been the hardest part. After it was off the stove it was placed first in the fridge and then freezer since I wasn’t ready for them yet.

Days later I pop them out of the fat and make a sauce with some of the beef juice. Caramelize some shallots an celery with the fat. Sear the cheeks in a hot pan and presto. It was hard to slice without it falling apart but it was delicious.


Written by mikechan007

February 11, 2011 at 2:55 am

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