Making it in NYC

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Day 1: Late arrival but munching away

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FreshDirect came a little late so I starved for a bit since i had nothing but processed food and MEAT in the fridge. But now my fridge is filled with delicious fruits and vegetables.

What did I eat?
I can honestly say it was much easier to say that i was going to do a 7 day raw cleanse then to actually do it. I had an orange and a banana for lunch (only because i was waiting for my delivery).  For dinner I had something a bit more substantial.  I made a citrus beet salad.  1 large grapefruit, 1 medium orange, 1 small Meyers lemon all segmented with thinly sliced beets and a mixture of boston bib, spinach, baby arugula, topped off with some alfalfa sprouts  and a handful of raw almonds.   lightly seasoned with a some fresh cracked pepper and shh sea salt.  I made a dressing just buy squeezing the three fruits post segmentation. (i know i know, i said i was gonna cut all salt out of my diet also, but if i cut out salt i would probably last about 2 days before giving up)  I don’t know if its because i was starving or if it was just that good.  but DAMN it was delicious,

For a snack, i prepared a crudite of baby carrots, cantaloupe, celery, and greenbeans.  Don’t have any raw dips yet but I’m probably going to whip up some raw tahini and look for some raw nutbutters. haha nutbutters….

How do i feel?
The smell and sight of meat makes me salivate.  Fast food commercials, leftovers in my fridge, people posting up food via mobile.  UGH  I’m full but not satisfied.  Also, I hope my stomach can take this much of roughage.

How many times have i thought about cheating?
Almost every second, i think my head is hurting from the lack of meat and processed food… i almost want to eat a cracker just to calm my cravings for something man-made.  But i wont… mmm.. raw almonds.


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February 14, 2011 at 8:32 pm

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