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Day 4: fruit. fruit. fruit.

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Luckily today I had a day with zero plans because if I step foot outside of this house i would have quit.

But I woke up around noon so minimize the numbers of being away and hungry. Had more grapefruits and bananas. (On a side note i really love grapefruits now, when in my whole 26 years of living I HATED them.)

Made another salad, now I’m just eating it all quickly because its probably going to spoil soon if i don’t finish it now. I then juiced a big bowl of broccoli, spinach, arugula, frozen mangos, strawberries and bananas. Frozen fruit are frozen in its prime ripeness and blends up really well. The outcome … it didn’t look pretty but it tasted good and I’m glad the huge supply of vegetables are dwindling down.

Last night I couldn’t sleep so I made a list of everything I’m going to cook next week.

Also, I’m going back to Barcelona on March, but this time will be different. No work, No relaxing, I’m going on a determined food trip. (not that it isnt normally, be prepared to wet your pants)

Jamon truffle cheese sandwiches
Pan con tomate , evoo
Sardine goatcheese fig honey
chocolate gelato olive oil sea salt bread crisp

Fresh pasta
Plum tomatoes, slab bacon,Onion carrot garlic, parmesan reggiano
Pesto Basil garlic nuts oil w/ sauteed argugala parmesan reggiano
Cracked black pepper and peccorino Romano
Herb butter sauce
Burnt butter, lemon zest & juice, fresh herbs, maybe raviolis?
Stuffed shells ricotta parm fresh herbs in the pancetta tomato sauce and smoked fresh mozzarella.

Confit beef cheeks, 5spice soy cloves garlic ? Served on toast points, shallots celery sauteed in beef fat. Glaze from beef juice and some extra soy
Duck confit, bouquet garni, salt pepper, duck fat, tostones in duck fat & mashed roasted cauliflower


Written by mikechan007

February 17, 2011 at 2:59 pm

Posted in food, ME, travel

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