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It’s been almost a year since my last confession.

Because i have a horrible memory and i wanted to do a little 2011 recap, I’ve looked at my Facebook Timeline.  It’s made it a tad easier for me to stalk myself. Tho twitter is where i do most of my dirty work. (shh)


  • Cooked a feast on new years and wanted to try Chaser plus to see if it works.  15 drinks later i was still ok
  • Looks like I was in LA again with pit stops in SD and SB


  • Shot an print ad for some college campuses and i hope i never see myself on a high rise dorm or car.  (but i hear that i am)
  • Decided to go on a Raw Vegan diet, didnt last the full week but it felt good to be cleansed but then all it took to get back to my normal life was one night of drinks.
  • Did a some traveling to relax
  • Shot a major board game ad but never saw the prints…


  • Did I go to Barcelona again??? And looks like i snuck in a lot of meat and other paraphernalia.
  • went to japan
  • joined Soho House but then quickly realized it was filled with no ones.
  • got my first rootcanal
  • cooked a lot more complicated ingredients like beef cheeks and pigs head
  • became a regular on a funny adult swim show


  • Shot another commercial for the Jersey Tourism board, ironic no?
  • went to Bahamas for a bit
  • did a little European delivery trip
  • worked a lot
  • shattered my iphone again
  • i became an uncle =)


  • worked some more
  • looks like i just got really drunk


  • looks like i got even more drunk and discovered that i really liked beer pong
  • Cold brew coffee just in time for summer
  • attempted to learn how to play the guitar
  • realized that im too old to play beerpong


  • realized that ive lost many of my nice ties when i go out for a night out.
  • started working as a regular on a big cbs show
  • became a bigger coffee snob
  • relaxed in Miami again


  • went to Argentina for a print ad for a major electronic company .
  • earthquake in NYC!
  • hurricane irene
  • filmed a industrial video for employees of a major financial firm that they will be loosing all health benefits
  • had a drink called the boiler bach, and never will i do that again
  • discovered nude beaches in NY


  • Went back to LA and SB
  • worked on a kids television show
  • worked some more


  • Did a Mastercard commercial
  • Went to LA AGAIN?
  • Bunch of great castings, booked a few more
  • got a big part on a SHO show
  • worked a lot on the shows that im a regular on


  • Traveled a lot domestically and internationally
  • donated my birthday by staying home and raised a lot for the NY FoodBanks
  • worked hard once again


  • tired from the airplanes and the past few months work so planned an easy month
  • planned my January and my new years resolution

From my brief sum up of the year (im sure ive left out many important events)  I’ve thought up of a few (realistic) goals for myself to reach in 2012

  1. Drink less – the amount of cash I’ve spent on alcohol this year is ridiculous, If i average 100 a night lets just say 2-3 times a week, times 42. add on a few more for “special” nights.
  2. Read more – I love the kindle and my magazines, i just need to really get the ball rolling on this to get into the groove. Book club!
  3. Settle down – It’s not that i don’t meet anyone that i want to be with, Its more like I use the excuse that I’m never in one place long enough to make something really happen.  No more excuses, I’ve already missed out on many open windows of opportunity… i think… right?
  4. Start thinking about my future career – I love what I’m doing now and financially it’s great but i feel like its really stopping me from what i ultimately want, and its hard for me to say this, but its a “normal” life.
  5. Really get in shape and cook healthier food. – I have no reason not to do this, if i out of shape and dint know how to cook it would be hard.  But I’m in decent shape and know my way around the kitchen.  So it cant be that hard right?  My Goal, stay my current weight but loose 5% body fat.

to sum it up… blah blah blah..( #firstworldproblems )


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