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Does living alone make you go Crazy?

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So I was reading an article  about living alone.  It’s made me realize that other people have the same weird single living habits like I do.  Before I get into my odd behaviors, let me explain that i grew up living with my parents but mainly had my own privacy 90% of the time.   After college when I started to work I started living alone and then realized that when the doors are closed I turn into a different person.  You really have the freedom to do as you want, no need to be considerate for anyone else’s likes or dislikes.

Lets get into it…

  • I don’t close the door when I’m in the bathroom.  But I always close the door to the bedroom when i’m in it.
  • 75% chance of being nude (fact, snuggies do not stay on your body if you don’t have a shirt on).
  • I eat whenever i’m hungry, I go to the fridge about once or twice every hour.  I can survive on coldcuts … all day long
  • I sleep whenever, wherever, or not at all. (I have black out shades so I can be in total darkness anytime in the day)
  • I use every utensil, plates, and cups before I clean them.
  • I don’t really clean anything up until I realize a huge mess.
  • Sometimes the first thing I do when I step in the door is strip down and just leave my pile of clothes on the ground.
  • I have clean laundry in piles scattered around.
  • I have money laying around in random places that I’ve forgotten about. (not purposely)
  • I hardly ever cook and if you know me well you know I love cooking.
  • I pass bodily gasses without any second thoughts.

That’s about all of the things i’m willing to admit publicly but i’m sure I have more odd habits that i’ve just gotten so use to that I don’t even notice.  I’ve lived with a girlfriend once and lets just say it requires a lot of compromising.  No more being naked all of the time, no more drinking out of any container in the fridge, no more clicking away on the computer until 6am.   I guess change depends on how much you like the other person.  (boy was that a horrible mistake)

Before I end this, I do want you to know that as much as this makes me sound like a slob, usually every week i’ll freak out at the mess I’ve made and i’ll clean everything up and place everything back where it belongs.  Being able to live alone has also made it possible for me to enjoy hanging out alone in public, I don’t mind going out for dinner alone or just relaxing at a cafe alone.   Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my friends but sometimes it’s just self empowering to be self sufficient.

What do you do when you’re alone?


Written by mikechan007

February 28, 2012 at 2:21 am

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