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Day 5: I am the master of my domain!

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So Day 5 was hard, I had casting calls and it was a beautiful day out.

I caved under pressure.   I’m not sure why I decide to do this cleanse but the results are in.  Veggies & fruit are awesome but it’s just not me if thats the only thing i’m eating.  I have a new love for great fresh local produce but i also love locally raised pigs and a 500 degree oven.   So i wouldnt call this “7 day cleanse” a failure but more of an awakening of my tastebuds to new and untraveled roads on the culinary road map. (ie. i love grapefruits now)

My first meal of day 5 consisted of vegan black hummus with roasted bell peppers, avocados, cucumbers on organic wholewheat bread.  I felt like if i was going to break my fast prematurely atleast i should still keep it meatless.

Later that night I had 3 bottles of wine at my favorite wine bar in NYC ‘inoteca.  Had some antipasti and then went on to smoke some hookah.  On the way home I no longer cared about any of this and had a slice of pizza and a Jamaican beef patty which was EXCELLENT.

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maybe i should go on atkins next haha



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February 20, 2011 at 6:33 pm

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Day 4: fruit. fruit. fruit.

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Luckily today I had a day with zero plans because if I step foot outside of this house i would have quit.

But I woke up around noon so minimize the numbers of being away and hungry. Had more grapefruits and bananas. (On a side note i really love grapefruits now, when in my whole 26 years of living I HATED them.)

Made another salad, now I’m just eating it all quickly because its probably going to spoil soon if i don’t finish it now. I then juiced a big bowl of broccoli, spinach, arugula, frozen mangos, strawberries and bananas. Frozen fruit are frozen in its prime ripeness and blends up really well. The outcome … it didn’t look pretty but it tasted good and I’m glad the huge supply of vegetables are dwindling down.

Last night I couldn’t sleep so I made a list of everything I’m going to cook next week.

Also, I’m going back to Barcelona on March, but this time will be different. No work, No relaxing, I’m going on a determined food trip. (not that it isnt normally, be prepared to wet your pants)

Jamon truffle cheese sandwiches
Pan con tomate , evoo
Sardine goatcheese fig honey
chocolate gelato olive oil sea salt bread crisp

Fresh pasta
Plum tomatoes, slab bacon,Onion carrot garlic, parmesan reggiano
Pesto Basil garlic nuts oil w/ sauteed argugala parmesan reggiano
Cracked black pepper and peccorino Romano
Herb butter sauce
Burnt butter, lemon zest & juice, fresh herbs, maybe raviolis?
Stuffed shells ricotta parm fresh herbs in the pancetta tomato sauce and smoked fresh mozzarella.

Confit beef cheeks, 5spice soy cloves garlic ? Served on toast points, shallots celery sauteed in beef fat. Glaze from beef juice and some extra soy
Duck confit, bouquet garni, salt pepper, duck fat, tostones in duck fat & mashed roasted cauliflower

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February 17, 2011 at 2:59 pm

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Day 3: :( i want to give up

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Well day 3 here and luckily or not so luckily I had to work today. I I was at home I would have complained on twitter all day on how I’m hungry for meat. But since I was on set I just ate really sweet and fresh fruit all day. Luckily we wrapped just before lunch because I was going to quit. It smelled so good! But it was a sign. A short day on set just as I was about to give up.

My friends invited me out to dinner on her companies dime, now normally Id jump on this. Good food and good drinks all night? I’d be a fool to say no. But I knew I would be temped . I started telling myself that I only have a salad. But we all knew that wasn’t going to happen. So again I declined and home I went.

Blended up some veggies into a fruit smoothie. I’m annoyed that the avocados and mangos I got aren’t ripe yet. By the time they are I’ll be off this raw cleanse. Had a bunch of broccoli and cauliflower and I’ll end my night with a grapefruit and an orange.

What I miss the most?
I miss the texture of meat. I miss hot food. Pan seared meat!

I already put in my next order from freshdirect. I ordered cheeses, bacon, pasta, dry aged steaks and baguettes. I also ordered some duck legs and tubs of duck fat so I can confit them.

Yeah, I’m canceling out what I’ve done but whatever, you only live once you might as well enjoy it. At this point I’m only doing this to prove to everyone that I can. Not so much for any health benefits haha. Also I lost about 5lbs…. That I wasn’t expecting and didn’t want to happen.

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February 16, 2011 at 7:10 pm

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Day 2: STRUGGLING but still raw

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Last night I went to bed at 10:30p,  I had a slight headache and was craving some fast food after being bombarded by a billion commercials.  Do you realize how many fast food commercials run during prime time?  It’s fricking brain washing!

Well the bad thing about sleeping at 10:30 is I woke up at 530am!  After tossing and turning in bed for 2 hours i was to hungry to go back to sleep.  I got up and made a dip that consist of avocado, beets, garlic, garlic, juice of a lemon and a dash of sea salt.  Yum, i ate this all up with some carrots, celery and spinach greens.  Chugged a few glasses of water and downed a banana. At this point i was full, but again, not satisfied.

Then it happened… i had to poop.   It was all going well and when i got up i had a slight panic attack.  Lets just say there should be a warning on packages of beets.  If you’ve eaten a lot of beets you know what I’m talking about.

Dinner consist of some left over citrus salad i had, tossed in some cantaloupe and fresh greens.  I also made a raw tomato soup that consist of tomatoes, garlic, basil, thyme, shallots and some spices.  liquidized this and served it with a drizzle of very good truffle olive oil, sprinkle of truffle salt, and a few raw almonds to top it off.  The soup was good, but it disappeared before i could snap a picture.

Later tonight I’ll probably juice a few oranges and a grapefruit because the only liquids I’ve been having is water.  And if I’m still hungry I’m gonna snack on some broccoli that i have sitting in  lemon juice and some cracked pepper.

I’ve been struggling,  today after my casting i was near doughnut plant and then Popeye’s, then Chinatown.  I wanted to just say “forget it mike, you’re in good shape and don’t need to do this”  But now its become a challenge for myself.  Tomorrow is going to be a challenge.  I’ll be working on the set of The Good Wife and they have awesome craft services.  I don’t want to be “that guy” that has a pocket full of raw almonds and has a boring salad for lunch.  Maybe I’ll cheat,,, if i do cheat i promise it wont be to really bad. hahaha

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February 15, 2011 at 8:01 pm

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Day 1: Late arrival but munching away

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FreshDirect came a little late so I starved for a bit since i had nothing but processed food and MEAT in the fridge. But now my fridge is filled with delicious fruits and vegetables.

What did I eat?
I can honestly say it was much easier to say that i was going to do a 7 day raw cleanse then to actually do it. I had an orange and a banana for lunch (only because i was waiting for my delivery).  For dinner I had something a bit more substantial.  I made a citrus beet salad.  1 large grapefruit, 1 medium orange, 1 small Meyers lemon all segmented with thinly sliced beets and a mixture of boston bib, spinach, baby arugula, topped off with some alfalfa sprouts  and a handful of raw almonds.   lightly seasoned with a some fresh cracked pepper and shh sea salt.  I made a dressing just buy squeezing the three fruits post segmentation. (i know i know, i said i was gonna cut all salt out of my diet also, but if i cut out salt i would probably last about 2 days before giving up)  I don’t know if its because i was starving or if it was just that good.  but DAMN it was delicious,

For a snack, i prepared a crudite of baby carrots, cantaloupe, celery, and greenbeans.  Don’t have any raw dips yet but I’m probably going to whip up some raw tahini and look for some raw nutbutters. haha nutbutters….

How do i feel?
The smell and sight of meat makes me salivate.  Fast food commercials, leftovers in my fridge, people posting up food via mobile.  UGH  I’m full but not satisfied.  Also, I hope my stomach can take this much of roughage.

How many times have i thought about cheating?
Almost every second, i think my head is hurting from the lack of meat and processed food… i almost want to eat a cracker just to calm my cravings for something man-made.  But i wont… mmm.. raw almonds.


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February 14, 2011 at 8:32 pm

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I’m going to do it raw

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… food

After a month of traveling, lack of sleep, excessive drinking and glutinous eating.  My body has taken a beating.

So I’m going to start to blog daily for 7 days of 100% raw / vegan / Cleanse.  I’m stressing the word Cleanse because it’s not a diet.  I’m not trying to lose any weight, I’m happy with where I’m at now.  I just want to rid my body of all the toxins without the use of cleansing pills.  What are in those anyway?  I rather do 7 days of well prepared vegetables and fruit then a million pills and a water / lemon / pepper mixture.

I’ll include pictures and track everything that I’ll ingest for the next 7 days on this site.  Hopefully I’ll feel some results and hopefully some of you would attempt it as well.   I put my order into freshdirect.  Once it all comes in the journey will begin. One thing i noticed already is that eating organic and raw is expensive.  It shouldn’t cost me more to eat raw!! Ms. Obama… you care to spread some light on this?  It’s like that YouTube video where someone questioned the President on why a box of fruit loops is cheaper than Fruit!



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February 14, 2011 at 2:25 pm

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Confit wagyu beef cheeks

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I was at the neighborhood Wagyu only beef market and decided to get some beef cheeks. I know how delicious these can be when prepared well but when I told my friends they all had a face of disgust and asked why I would do such a thing. To make it even worst I told them I would confit them. After a look of confusion I said I’m gonna slow cook them in fat. Again, “Why?”

To which I say why not?

I scurried the Internet for some inspiration on seasonings an methods. I ended up adapting and tweaking a recipe that I’ll post up once I’m around a computer. (updating via iPhone now) after seasoning an dry aging the cheeks for 3 days I sunk them into a bath of olive oil and Wagyu fat for about 6 hours. That must have been the hardest part. After it was off the stove it was placed first in the fridge and then freezer since I wasn’t ready for them yet.

Days later I pop them out of the fat and make a sauce with some of the beef juice. Caramelize some shallots an celery with the fat. Sear the cheeks in a hot pan and presto. It was hard to slice without it falling apart but it was delicious.

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February 11, 2011 at 2:55 am

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